About Us

Crystal Candy creates and produces exclusive cake decorations for cake decorators around the world.

The business was founded in 2012 in South Africa with the objective of creating innovative cake decorations that would allow cake decorators to delight themselves, their friends, family and clients with beautiful cakes.

Featuring unique cake decorations only available through Crystal Candy such as the global best-selling Edible Cake Flakes, Edible Wafer Flower Kits, Silicon Lace Moulds, Edible Isomalt diamonds and much more


Crystal Candy UK/EU/USA is managed and owned by i.e.internation Ltd, a UK limited company based in Oxford (Company Registration Number: 7616413). We are the sole and exclusive global distributors for Crystal Candy

Secure Checkout: We offer a secure checkout and ordering process using Paypal as well as all the benefits that come with this payment provider.

Not happy with your purchase? Simply return it in the condition in which it arrived to Crystal Candy UK/EU Returns within 30 days of purchase either for a full refund or replacement. Suite 12, Hexagon House, Witney, Oxfordshire. OX28 5BN

Product Health and Safety. Each product unit caries a full ingredients list, expiry date, product identifier and net weight label. 

If you have any questions about orders or anything else please call our Customer Service Team on 00 44 (0)1865 600380